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Residence Permit

Moving to Panama is a matter of strategy. Your family and individual residence depends on several factors, such as: Work or professional expectations, the family group that migrates, real estate investment plans, condition of their various nationalities, the fact of being retired, ages of the applicants, or your idea to start a business.

With more than 10 years of experience our firm has the expertise needed in the relocation of migrants to Panama, and can guide each individual case properly.


Work Permit

The process to obtain a work permit in Panama, differs from and is separate from the process of establishing your residence.
The Ministry of Work and Labor is responsible for our work permit applications. The requirements to obtain work permits vary based on the foreigner’s residence program. In order to fulfill your work permit, our experienced team will accompany you throughout the process.

Work Permit


The key to the success of filing civil or commercial lawsuits in Panama is:

1. The Documentary Preparation of evidences (before acting).

2. The procedural, jurisprudence and doctrinal analysis of your case, in order to have a hand all the correct legal tools during the litigation, constitutional appeals, evidence assurances...


Authorized Visa

In order for you to enter to Panama, authorized visas are required only if you are a national from one of the following countries: Click here to view list. If that is the case you will need to complete an application among other documents, where PGS can guide you through the process of obtaining an authorized visa.

Authorized Visa
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